Teach children how to care for art materials.

Basic supplies for children include:

Artist quality felt-tip markers with both a wide and narrow nib
Chalk pastels
Oil pastels
Watercolor markers
Watercolor paint sets
Different size watercolor brushes
Artist quality drawing paper
Watercolor paper (should be heavy and strong, not flimsy).

Fun and creative craft supplies for kids include:
Moon sand
Foam Dough
Watercolor Spray
Unscented Doughs

With proper care, quality art supplies last longer and give better results.
Visit art galleries and art museums
Point out and discuss with your child, the various kinds of art: abstract to realistic. Marvel at all the different styles of art that you will see! Check out these great on-line galleries:
After years of teaching children age 3 and up, we are convinced that artistic expression,
through drawing and painting, is as essential as academics and stands alone as one of our most enjoyable activities.
Embrace an artistic attitude
Eliminate preconceived notions about what is "good, bad, or real art". When commenting on your child's artwork, replace general praise ("That's good") with observation and description ("I see you used the colors of the sunset", "You must have spent a lot of time drawing this blue and violet airplane", "I feel happy looking at these fish you painted").
Have fun drawing and painting with your child.
Devote an area at home for drawing, painting, & crafts.
Keep the art area well lit and uncluttered with easy access to art materials
Encourage artistic experimentation!
The more children discover the more confident they will become. Not every drawing or painting needs to be a masterpiece. As artists, they can choose the drawings they like and those they want to do again.
Support a child's imagination!
Have a wealth of visual resources available to support your child's imagination.
Create art files with resource materials from: photos, calendar pages, illustrated books, 3-dimensional objects, and Internet information.
Purchase quality art materials.
The art supplies you buy should assist and support visual training and motor coordination.
ArtRishi has many suggestions for quality materials. Visit the
art supplies page on this website for our favorites.
The Smithsonian: (http://www.si.edu/)
Take a look - this site lists dozens of top museums around the world that you can visit on line.
Take a look at the Artful Animals !
Display your child's artwork
Purchase inexpensive pre-made frames that you can re-use. Have your child's art work copied
onto canvas, mugs, t'shirts and more. Take a look at on-line services that offer inexpensive ways to reproduce your child's art.

8 Artful tips for promoting a child's self-confidence:
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Contact us at: info@artrishi.com
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