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African Doll: beginning
A beautiful yet simple introduction to drawing the human form - geared for age 5 to 7 years. Project includes images of authentic african cloth to inspire designwork on African dress & headscarf.
Art Materials: Water-based markers
African Mask: beginning
Kids truly enjoy mask-making and this project makes facial proportions work with ease. A colorful african-art-inspired mask that can be cut-out or embellished with a collaged background.
Art Materials: Watercolor

African Mask: intermediate
A colorful, dramatic mask inspired from ancient African art. Project includes extra mask designs to inspire variety and creativity.
Art Materials: Watercolor and cut-out collage

African Mask: advanced
A more sophisticated mask based on true facial proportion & blended with African design. Project includes extra mask designs to inspire variety and creativity.
Art Materials: Watercolor
African Doll
African Masks
Love Birds: beginning
Two sweet love birds sitting on a branch with an optional valentine heart in background. Project is geared for age 5 to 7.
Art Materials: Soft pastels (sometimes called chalk pastels)

Love Birds: intermediate
Two colorful Love Birds with optional valentine heart in background - project focuses on shading with pastel and makes a lovely project any time of the year.
Art Materials: Soft pastels (sometimes called chalk pastels)
Love Birds
Caribbean Dancers: advanced
Pattern, design and color makes this dazzling project zing! Draw two stylized, interactive dancers in Caribbean costume - play some Calypso and get your feet tapping!
Art Materials: colored pencil on dark paper
Caribbean Dancers
Castle: beginning
A delightful but simple structure with towers, turrets, battlements & flags. Great for younger children age 4.5 to 6.
Art Materials: Markers & soft pastel

Castle: intermediate
Enchanting castle nestled in the snow-capped mountains with multiple towers, walls, battlements, & grand entrance.
Art Materials: Marker &soft pastel

Castle: advanced
Project based on a Finnish castle with a focus on perspective, shading and just enough challenge to yield a sophisticated, satisfying artwork for which any student would be proud.
Art Materials: Marker & colored pencil
Indonesian Dancer: advanced
Two separate dancer projects can be combined or taught separately. These elegant dancers show classical Indonesian dance posture with a unique focus on hand, arm and shouder movement. Create beautiful textile design and pattern while drawing the full-length costume
Art Materials: water-based markers
Indonesian Dancers
Magnificent Mummies: Intermediate
Have some lighthearted fun drawing 3 Egyptian characters all dressed up in their sarcophagus garb: man, woman, and pet dog. Overlapping principles, symmetry and design work are all part of this delightful project.
Art Materials: Watercolor
Egyptian Mummies
Frogs: intermediate
You get plenty of frog for your money in this special 2-projects-for-the-price-of-one!
Two whimisical, bright-colored frogs on a branch for project one (marker) and a single frog on lillypad in a different pose, for project two.
Art Materials: watercolor

Frogs: advanced
A creative, paper preparation process creates texture and pattern for this White's Tree Frog from Australia. A 3/4 view with a focus on shading - sure to please.
Art Materials: Watercolor
Giraffe: beginning
Draw a giraffe from head to toe - this project makes it successful & simple for the 5 to 7 year old. Includes two different ways to draw a palm tree.
Art Materials: marker with optional oil pastel shading
Queen Angelfish: advanced
An oil painting project with both written instructions and step-by-step painting instruction. Detailed instructions will help students feel confident with color mixing and oil paint application. Paint this beautiful fish on a pre-stretched canvas or canvas panel
Art Materials: oil paints, canvas
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Unicorn/Horse: advanced
This unicorn has attitude and pizazz. A circular base provides the basic armature for the body and makes drawing the horse body a snap. Suggestions for how to blend and burnish with marker & colored pencil, are included.
Art Materials: marker with colored pencil
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